Adelong is just a short drive from Gundagai. The town evolved as a result of its gold rush during 1857-1876 when the population expanded to over 30,000. Compared to todays population of just 900, it is hard to imagine the chaos that must have surrounded the town in times gone by.

Todays Adelong is a tidy friendly place with a few shops and hotels at the core of town, but unsurprisingly, all are shut when I arrive at 8.30 in the morning. So, instead of retail therapy I head along the “Adelong Cultural Walk” that starts out with so much promise from a Apex Park. I walk past various playground equipment – swings and the like – along the concrete track. I’m thinking of the Wizzard of Oz as I head off along the Yellow Brick Road (well clean concrete). Alas these thoughts soon disappear as does the concrete which is promptly replaced with a dirt track going along the back of the shops alongside a non-too picturesque river, with little running water. Maybe the evil witch got here first – I head back.

Instead of my cultural walk, I take in the large piece of mining equipment that has pride of place in the small park. The 5 tonne Gold Crushing Battery which was used to crush the ore dug from the mines.

Apex Park