DAY 2. Town 2: Its a great feeling to finally be on my way around Australia again. Whilst Terrigal was the first day of my tour, it’s only today with actually going away from my home town do I feel things have actually started. I was scheduled to depart yesterday, but an itchy dog had to be taken to the vet (long story!) delaying things by a day.

First stop was Kurri Kurri. Kurri Kurri is just 81KM (50 miles) from North West from Terrigal so just a short trip. I love the name Kurri Kurri – one of those quaint Aboriginal names which just sounds as though it is a name given for someones amusement. However, I am informed that it actually means “Hurry Up!”.

I pass through the outskirts of the town and the wooden houses and cottages before reaching the main shopping street where I try my hand at forty five degree parallel parking. I succeed after a bit of nifty manoeuvring to the amusement of the locals.

After parking I walk to the Tourist Information centre to enquire what are the ‘must see’ attractions in Kurri Kurri. The lady kindly informs me, with no hesitation, that I must see the murals and the newly constructed Kookaburra. So, with leaflets in hand, I head out the door in search of murals and a kookaburra.

Kurri Kurri

Its at this point I realise that I have already walked down the main street that is indeed decorated with many murals. Above shops, down side streets and any space that can accommodate a mural has a mural. They are impressive – once you notice them. They range in painting style from almost cartoon like to classic oil painting style with the 50th mural being revealed to the public only this year. Apparently they have been busy painting since 2003 and if you look carefully you can see a picture of a Kookaburra in each one.

Having taken in and been suitably impressed by the murals I decide to seek out the newly constructed Kookaburra in the Memorial Park. I find, behind a wire fence, the newly constructed bird receiving some finishing touches by local workmen. The bird is about two metres in height and has been cleverly constructed not to look new, but as though it has been stood there on its concrete plinth for many years. None the less, I am again suitably impressed and take a picture. Whether a two metre Kookaburra is going to be big enough to be classed as the BIG Kookaburra (many Australian towns have BIG something or others Bananas, Apples, Mangos, Prawns – even turds) remains to be seen.

Having reached the end of my must see list for Kurri Kurri I move return to the car where thankfully I learn that leaving a forty five degree parallel parking space is easier than entering it.

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