I believe it is fair to say that Caringbah is not on the tourist map. This south Sydney district in the Southerland Shire is really a collection of residential, commercial and industrial areas and presumably acts as a dormitory for many Sydney workers. As a tourist, there was not too much to interest me as many of the stores are national and available in many high streets.

A busy main road passes through the suburb lined with numerous shops and factories whilst the residential areas are hidden in blocks further back from the road.

The suburb was initially called Highfield but renamed to the aboriginal name for a ‘Pademelon Wallaby’ in 1912 when the Post Office was opened. From the 1880’s until just after the Second World War the district was a used for market gardening. It’s therefore a newer area compared to central Sydney and is behind in having an established history.

I have found out that the district was birthplace for Lara Bingle. Lara is presently in the news through a former boyfriend (Brendan Fevola of the Brisbane Lions) allegedly releasing photos of Lara taking a shower in her birthday suit. Lara first came to fame in an Australian Tourism advert which asked watchers “Where the bloody hell are you?”. The advert was shot at Fingal Spit in New South Wales, which would be a bigger draw to potential tourists than Caringbah.