Day 25 – 10,222 KM. Town 43.

After visiting Narrabeen, it was just a short drive to the adjoining suburb of Collaroy along the hectic Pittwater road. Indeed, until the start of the 1900’s, Collaroy was part of Narrabeen. However this was changed when, the ship S.S. Collaroy ran ashore in thick fog at about 4am on 20 January 1881 and remained stuck there until September 1884. This event prompted the locals to refer to the area as Collaroy – although not until the start of the 1900’s.

The S.S Collaroy was built in Liverpool, UK in 1859 and worked between Sydney and Newcastle on the NSW Coast. The S.S. Collaroy came to a final end when the schooner broke up in fog off the Californian coast losing a cargo of redwood destined for Sydney in 1889.

As for the suburb of Collaroy it adjoins and blends in with Narrabeen with the same beach, housing and shops lining the Pittwater Road which serves as a main artery for the district.

Collaroy from the Pitt Water Road