Traditionally passing the ‘black stump’ is an indicator that your in the outback. However, with numerous black stumps around the country, I’ve come up with my own observations for when I believe I am in the real outback.

You know your in the real outback when…

… you wave at oncoming traffic with your first finger and they wave back likewise.

… the roads are unsealed and a cloud of dust follows you behind.

… your in the middle of nowhere and the 3G broadband connection is faster than in any city.

… you think sunsets can no longer impress you only to be impressed each and every evening.

… you view five times more stars in the sky than you last remember.

… the folk you meet are genuinely warm, friendly and welcoming.

… the flies are the most maddening you are ever likely to encounter, forcing you to perform the ‘Aussie Salute’ to swish them away only to find they are then in your car.

… TV adverts are for agricultural services and made with a handy cam.

… kangaroos and emus are seen more often than people when travelling the outback roads.

… the only radio broadcast you can find will be on the AM frequency and will be a cricket match.

… TV reception is intermittent and limited to 2 or 3 channels, but always includes the news in Greek and not the one channel you hope for.


Please feel free to add any additional suggestions in the comments below.