The rain continued as I turned off the main road that appears to have bypassed the small village of Dalveen where I find a village store and a few houses and not too much else.

The village is located at the northern end of what Queenslanders refer to as the Granite Belt, which is a reference to this specific part of the The Great Dividing Range. The range is over 3,500 KM in length but in this area it is predominantly granite rocks. With the higher altitude (450m to 900m) comes the cooler weather, the coolest in Queensland, and many of the locations around Dalveen take advantage of this to grow apples with over a million apple trees in 55 orchards and grapes for wine production.

The rain, mist and coolness of the air combine to make poor Dalveen a bit unappealing to a tourist so I turn the heater up a notch and head off back to New South Wales and to Woodenbong.