Day 24 – 10,040 KM. Town 41.

Every time I go to Sydney I drive through Turramurra, but only today have I had reason to stop thanks to this project. For visitors to this Sydney suburb first impressions are probably based upon the noise and colour of traffic travelling along one of the main traffic arteries, the Pacific Highway. This road slices through the suburb cutting it in half and first impressions are not favourable as the traffic noise is overpowering even outside the main rush hour. However, turn off the main road and you are soon in leafy lanes and hilly streets which transform the hubbub of the traffic into a much more peaceful and almost tranquil setting.

The heart of Turramurra is a few shopping streets off the Pacific Highway and the shops lining the highway itself. The rest of the area predominantly comprises of housing for Sydney workers making it something of a dormitory.

Garden Centre

Turramurra is not a tourist destination, but equally does not claim to be. Visitors may be entertained by a rather high quality antique shop, a few restaurants or a uniquely positioned garden centre in the centre of the main shopping street. But other than this no obvious attractions are present. However, a bit of earlier research indicated that the suburb does have some hidden star qualities, in particular a few famous residents in the past and present have lived here including:

– Chris Lilley (Summer Heights High)
– Kamahl (singer)
– Hugh Jackman (singer, dancer and actor)

The district was also the home to Australian painter Grace Cossington Smith and Big Brother presenter Gretel Killeen.

Former home of Grace Cossington Smith

Former home of Gretel Killeen

So, maybe some fun can be had tracking down the homes of the famous and taking in a collection of period properties. For instance, Ingleholme, a two-storey Federation home in Boomerang Street built in 1896 by Australian architect John Sulman who was influential in the development of Canberra.


After a wander round the streets my visit had to come to an end. The visit to Turramurra was pleasant enough as it’s always fun exploring an unknown suburb.