Day 19 – 8,252 KM. Town 28: The first destination for today was Brindabella. Brindabella is located some 68 KM west of Canberra and with clear blue skies above I was optimistic of a good journey as I set out. However, without warning when about to reach the peek of a hill, the smooth tarmac road disappeared instantly to be replaced with a dirt track. Given the closeness to the nations capital I was surprised to find a dirt track, of course, had I checked a more detailed map I should have known what I was in for, but in reality it was of little consequence with the only impact an extended journey time and a rougher ride.

Travelling along a dirt track is quite refreshing in many ways. Personally I find the change in road surface to bring a new element of enjoyment to the driving, most likely because of it’s novelty factor. However, after not too long a period the novelty does wear thin and hopes for the road to turn hard again are soon present in my head. In addition for this leg of the Journey I was joined by Amelie, the King Charles Spaniel and she was not amused by the now bumpy ride spoiling her comforts.

The trip to Brindabella is along winding roads, up and down hills, alongside valleys with steep drops to one side. Gum trees are plentiful but so are fir trees to give some added variation to the scenery. Wildlife is also plentiful with Kangaroos visible and also a strange black beast that we sighted briefly but are yet to identify. It may have been a black dog, dingo, wolf or four legged Yeti – I am confident one of these guesses is correct but do not know which.

Anyway the dirt track continues past a junction of three other dirt tracks which some comedian has named Piccadilly Circus – this version being much quieter than its London namesake, Indeed, we only passed two vehicles on the way to and from Brindabella.


Picadilly Circus - on the way to Brindabella

But what of Brindabella I hear you cry. Well, Brindabella is a remote valley within a national park with a few homesteads visible. This is the most northern of the national parks of the Australian Alps. It’s scenic and if you are a nature lover there is much to keep you entertained. But that’s about it really. The adventure for me was more about reaching this off-the-beaten track destination than the actual place – perhaps a bit like life itself.

Brindabella Valley

Brindabella Valley