On my trip from Rocky to Gin Gin I came across my first Driver Reviver station where I was met by Peter (an exchange student from Sweden) and locals Glenn and Ken. These three jovial folk were happy to share a tale or two and also serve me with free coffee and biscuits. I was particularly impressed when Glenn said he had been to Bambaroo, that small place in Queensland where only a school exists. Peter’s Australian accent, considering he was from Sweden was amazing – you would have thought he had lived in the deepest outback Australia all his life.

When on long legs of the journey I take regular breaks (there is no excuse when travelling through such interesting places) and also have the occasional ‘nanny nap’ to revitalise me if I felt I were getting tired.

Look out for wide loads

Look out for wide loads

The official tips courtesy of the Driver Reviver website for safe driving are:

» It is critical before leaving on long trips to be well rested.
» Passengers should also be well rested;
» Plan trips so that you will stop at least every 2 hours; 15 minutes is a good break.
» Share the driving, and give your relief driver confidence.
» If you have kids make sure you have interesting things for them to do.
» Research the areas you will be driving through and develop a quiz.
» Don’t let the temperature inside the car make you drowsy.
» Keep the radio or music at a non distracting level, loud music can interfere with concentration.
» Pack a picnic basket and thermos. Don’t drink alcohol.
» Be flexible, if you feel you are getting tired, don’t wait, find somewhere safe and have a quick nap.
» Rubbing your eyes is a sure sign you need to pull over.

So this Christmas, if travelling, please stay safe and avoid the double demerits. And if you pop in to the Driver Reviver near Rocky, please say hello to Peter Glen and Ken from me.