DAY 3. Town 5: Today the radio station declared that is was weather for golliwogs. This is not an expression I am familiar with so I was relieved when the announcer went on to say that this meant it is neither too hot nor too cold. Indeed, the weather has been perfect.

On arriving at Moree the temperature was around 25 degrees as I walked up to the tourist information office to ask my usual question of what is the must see attraction. The lady kindly obliged by asking if I have my swimming togs and going on to enthuse about the Moree Mineral Baths. With boardies and towel in hand I head off to the baths just a couple of blocks away.

The thermal baths are popular not least because of their amazing healing powers – so much so that 300,000 people visit the baths each year (but the water was clear). I was pleased to learn that there are a number of pools as a coach load of 5 year olds had just arrived for their swimming lessons. There are two large hot pools (one at 38 degrees, the other at 40.5 degress – and yes 2 degrees makes a lot of difference), a 50 meter 6 lane Olympic Pool (not heated), a Junior Pool and a Toddlers pool. I just tried out the two heated pools.

The water are apparently from bores sunk into the Great Artesian Basin as for their heeling powers – I’ll keep you posted.