Peter HarrisAustralia is an amazing country but it is rather big. Now of course, big is subjective. If you’ve lived in the UK for a significant portion of your life, England is considered big –  but England pales into insignificance when you consider it could fit inside the continent of Australia almost 60 times! My point is, that it is hard to comprehend just how large Australia actually is until you start to explore it for yourself, but then, when something is so big where do you start?

When faced with this dilemma I decided to delegate this responsibility to Geoff Mack the writer of the now cult song “I’ve been everywhere“. In December 2009 I decided to start visiting all 94 places in the Australian version of the song. I managed to accomplish this mission on 4 September 2011 when I visited Birdsville in Queensland, Australia.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t expect was for the newly found Australian travel bug within me to continue beyond these initial 94 places. I now use this blog to record my travels to others locations and experiences within Australia and beyond.




Some random facts about your driver

Name: Peter Harris

Age: 46

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Job: I operate QiQ and L-Mail.com

Favourite Book: The Alchemist

Favourite Film: Meet Joe Black

Favourite Food: Italian

Favourite Quote: Too many pieces of music finish too long after the end