I have four more places in four Australian states left to visit before I can claim “I’ve been everywhere” – Darwin, Birdsville, Oodnadatta and Tibooburra. Four of the more remote locations in Australia and possibly a further 5,000km of travelling.

But I’m excited. The more remote, the dustier the road, the bluer the sky and the more colourful the characters you meet. Hopefully this will all go to make a memorable grand finale to this project.

However, things are on hold until the weather improves. Bitumen and dust roads are good but muddy and flooded roads are less  enjoyable. High rainfall earlier this year is making some of towns hard, if not impossible to reach. My new friends are the RACQ Travel and Explore Oz websites  as they show me which roads are passable and which require a boat (yes really!).

In the mean time, I am happy preparing the final stages of my journey and also stepping up my fundraising for the collection for the Fred Hollows Foundation. I recently received a pair of cardboard ‘cataract simulation’ spectacles  and they demonstrated how a cataract is so close to blinding someone. Yet for just $25, the problem can be fixed – only not everyone has $25 to fix the problem hence the need for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Please, kindly click this link to make a donation or consider advertising on these pages. It really does not matter how large or small your donation is – they ALL  help to make a difference. 100% of your donation will reach the charity. Thank you.