As you drive into Deniliquin you can not help but notice that It’s flat. Very flat, flatter than Captains Flat and a lot of other flat things. Indeed, Deniliquin is on the Hay Plains, the area with the smallest deviation of elevation on Earth.

So what do you do with all this flat area? Well, I thought I’d pop into the Peppin Heritage Centre, which incorporates the Visitor Information Centre, to find out. The building was Deniliquin’s first public school and it still has an original classroom, together with desks, to bring back disturbing childhood memories. It also includes a museum that is dedicated to the Peppin family. However, I mention their achievements more under my Wanganella entry as this is where they originated from.

The museum is well laid out and you through significant points in the district’s development from its origins as a woolgrowing region to the development of the local rice industry and an introduction to the Deniliquin Rice Mill which is considered the largest rice mill in the Southern hemisphere.