Another early start meant another early arrival, this time into Bendigo.

Bendigo is another town founded off the spoils of the gold rush and you can not fail to be impressed by the splendour of the many extravagant Victorian buildings that line the wide streets of Bendigo.

Whilst mining stopped in Bendigo in 1954 it has since recommenced with the Bendigo Mining Ltd performing operations in the town at Kangaroo Flat plant from 1 October 2006 but initially ceased due to limited reserves after eight months in May 2007. During this time 175,966 tonnes of ore were treated producing 26,735 ounces of gold. Operations have since recommenced.

Tourists can go down 85 metres at the Central Deborah Gold Mine (pictured above). The mine operated from 1939 to 1954 and was the last commercial mine to operate in the Bendigo goldfields before Bendigo Mining started operations.