From a distance I thought I was going to really enjoy Geelong. I say from a distance as I took the route signposted as the scenic route to this seaside town and took in a great view including the Cunningham PIer – I was curious. Could it be that I’ve found Australia equivalent to Blackpool? With a long pier in view I was optimistic that the “Kiss Me Quick” hats, jars of cockles, candy floss and funfair at the pier would be my next destination.

So, I continued along the scenic coastal drive into the town and pulled up at the theatrical entrance to the pier and commenced my trek down to the end where I was sure the action would be taking place. Alas this was not the case. Whilst a great view was to be had, and by the number of fishermen, a potential good catch, it was not the type of pier I was hoping for. At the end is one restaurant and a conference centre – no candy floss in sight.

It appears the pier was more of the working kind in times gone by rather than a place for entertainment. From at least the 1920s until the 1950s the main use of the pier was for inbound coal traffic and after falling into disuse was transformed into a more leisurely pier in the late 1990s.