I left the tranquility of Kilmour just as the town was starting to wake up. Kids were starting to congregate for the school bus and a few more people, including a lollipop lady, were starting to emerge.

Before long I had rejoined the Hume Highway and was on my way to Dandenong, a large city on the outskirts of Melbourne. As I got closer and closer the traffic continued to increase and increase. There are attempts to organise the traffic flow with huge timers indicating how long it will take to get to your destination lining the route. With the timers, I felt like I was an egg and started to miss the solitude of the outback roads I had left behind.

If I were after solitude I was not going to find it in Dandenong. Described as the Melbourne equivalent of Parramatta’s relationship to Sydney, Dandenong was holding its Market Day and throng or people were mulling around rows of stalls buying an assortment of goods. I had a wander around and ended up buying a couple of bones for the dog.

After the Dandenong Market I headed across the road and wandered around the shopping centre and the main high street, noticing the concrete sofa as pictured above.