There are many place names that include the term ‘Billabong’, 59 in New South Wales, 13 in Queensland, 7 in Victoria and 86 in the Northern Territory. There is a place called “Billabong” that is revealed if you do a Google Map search, but this is in the middle of a forrest quite a distance off the mother of all dirt tracks, the Wonnangatta Track in the Alpine National Park. Without a suitable vehicle and camping equipment it would be out of reach from most – including, I’m sure, our “I’ve been everywhere” man.

I’ve chosen a Billabong that is a bit more accessible – Little Billabong in New South Wales. I mentioned the Billabong dilemma to Geoff Mack, the song writer, who thought this was a sensible compromise as he could not recall which Billabong he had in mind.

Little Billabong is home to Little Billabong Creek, Little Billabong Village Hall and the Little Billabong Telephone Exchange. This is the hub of the location and I can only assume the other 466 inhabitants of Little Billabong are in stations in the surrounding area.

The town apparently had a Post Office which opened on 1 October 1874 and closed in 1953.

Little Billabong