If you do a Google Map search for Fingal, you will actually come across a place called Fingal in Tasmania. However, on mentioning this to Geoff Mack, the writer of “I’ve been everywhere”, he said that the Fingal he had in mind when writing the song was Fingal Head in New South Wales, so this is the Fingal I chose to visit.

It’s also worth noting that with the exception of Darwin, all locations are only in three Australian states as when Geoff write the song with the assistance of some maps he had in his panel van at the time, he only had maps for Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales available at the time.

Fingal Head is located just south of the QLD/NSW border and is on the southern side of the Tweed River. Fingal Head is home to a lighthouse that was originally built in 1878 and around 600 people as I drove around the only evidence of the inhabitants were a few fishermen trying their luck. From the cliff-edge near the light house it is possible to see an outcrop of columnar-jointed basalt called the ‘Giant’s Causeway’ which is named after a similar natural feature associated either with a locality called Fingal in Northern Ireland or Fingal Cave on the Scottish Island of Staffa, depending on which source you believe.