I headed from Dalveen back into New South Wales across an insignificant border crossing with just a basic signpost giving my new state and take the turn to Woodenbong. Now there are rough roads, very rough roads and then there is the road to Woodenbong. Whilst the road is mad of tarmac the bumps and bends make it an unpleasant trip of about 30KM into the town.

I finally pass the “Welcome to Woodenbong” sign and reach the village where I refuel. Dispite the village being very small, there were three locations I could fuel up, but choose the one with the veranda over the pumps.

With all the rain, the aboroginal name for the town, meaning ducks on a lagoon seems very appropriate, but I wasn’t here to see ducks, I wanted to see the Yowie! Indeed, I was surprised I had not passed him on the way into the village. Whats the Yowie? Well, the himalayans have the Yeti and North Americans have Bigfoot, Australia has the Yowie and Woodenbong is apparently one home to this amazing creature.

According to some Internet research and a Yowie fan site(!), a lady in the 1980’s in Woodenbong reported seeing not one but two Yowies, that had also been seen by several people in the past weeks in Kempsey, outside her house. The creatures were covered in tan coloured hair and stood about 5ft tall. The hair on the arms was about 6 inches longer than the shorter hair on the rest of their bodies and their heads were reported to be sunk low into their shoulders.

The Woodenbong Website makes a reference to the most recent alleged sighting at the end of November 2001 when“very early in the morning when two women went out to check on a mare due to give birth. Low cloud hung over the escarpment and the light was poor. The two women saw what appeared to be an ape like creature, about six feet tall and covered in dark hair.

After the initial shock, the younger woman got out and followed the creature at a safe distance while the older woman went back to the house to get a camera. The younger woman watched as the creature moved over toward the rock face of the escarpment but the cloud and mist rolled in and the creature disappeared from view.”

Now unfortunately there were no Yowies at the petrol pumps, or elsewhere in the town. The only reference I could find being to the regular Woodenbong Yowie Country Market, so if you want to see one, perhaps try there.

Woodenbong Sign