Day 3. Town 4: When asking at Narrabi Tourist Information Office of the must see’s in the area I was advised of the Sawn Rock formation and the CSIRO Australia Telescope. Unfortunately, because of bush fires in the area the Sawn Rock formation was a no go area, so this left the Telescope.
IMG_0716Australia knows how to keep a secret. Now, I’ve heard of (and seen) the massive radio telescope at Parkes, NSW probably because of the movie “The Dish” but today I learnt of five more such dishes. Located about 20 KM to the west of Narrabi is this dish installation. The five 22m wide identical looking dishes are mounted on a railway track and are pointing at various angles into the blue sky above. Apparently, whilst they are five individual dishes, they act as though they are one really big one.

As I wander around the visitor centre I note that indeed this is one of Australia’s best kept secrets as I have the whole place to my self. Not even a member of staff was in sight. I wonder if this potential lack of security is the cause for only five dishes being present as the guide book says there should be six…

After ‘doing the dishes’ it’s time to head back into Narrabi and to continue the track north.

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